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Drug Apts + Nudity + Glass Bat

  • Cafe Colonial 3520 Stockton Boulevard Sacramento, CA, 95820 United States (map)

Mt.St.Mtn. presents
All ages, $10

An explosive collision of garage punk and weirdo art rock from Sacramento's most exciting export since Mayyors. Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances is a strange, haunting thrill ride driven by angular guitars, an unhinged drum attack and the dynamic, sometimes violent vocal delivery of Whittney K. Featuring long time members of the Sacramento punk scene, Drug Apts have released two E.P.s on Tyler Pope's (LCD Soundsystem, !!!) Berlin based label, Interference Pattern Records, the first produced by Death Grips' Zach Hill and Andy Morin, the second by Dub Genius and Slits producer Denis Bovell. 

"The band name is a reference to drug apartments, those Mid-Century Modern complexes scattered throughout Sacramento, with rows of palm trees out front and mock English names like Dorchester Court or the Royal Arms. Common features include: concrete stairs, prison-style walkways with dudes looking in your window every five minutes, moms beating their kids next door and cop car lights reflecting off the pool. An ex used to say, “I hate living in these fucking drug apartments,” and friends would say, “It’s three blocks that way, past the drug apartments.” We all spent time staying up and crashing in them, or we tried to sleep through the noise emanating from their windows. I hear they’re better these days, but who knows? So the name is rooted in places and times."

>> Listen to “Straight Shooter“ by Drug Apts

”Nudity's "White Hot Gold" starts with dripping, scalded noise. A tape reel bends. Drums drop in and drive alongside guitar chords. Then the riff hits and you bust through a wall. You can't help it. Feel the power of your electric-orange V-8 Mustang as it accelerates off a ramp into the motherfucking sky. It's a primal pull. Main Nudist Dave Harvey crafts archetypal riffs that make you want to have sex, launch a rocket, destroy a health spa, and eat meat. And Harvey doesn't even eat meat. He's vegan, with a penchant for psychedelic talk-box breakdowns. The Olympia-based Nudity—Harvey on guitar and vocals, drummer Tanar Stalker, bassist Abigail Ingram, Stephie Crist on guitar, Rachel Carns on synths, and filmmaker Joaquin de la Puente on live visuals—have been getting after it since 2005. On April 7, Iron Lung Records will release Astronomicon, the band's most focused full-length yet.” - The Stranger

”Brash Olympia-based outfit Nudity mixes and matches different musical styles on its latest release at a pace that leaves you dizzy. There are the guitar heroics of heavy metal, traces of rockabilly, ’80s synth-driven power pop and a touch of trippy prog rock, all topped off by the vocal antics of guitarist Dave Harvey, whose delivery brings to mind the feisty discordant punch of Poly Styrene, lead singer of the ’70s British punk band X-Ray Spex.

Harvey’s high-pitched intensity becomes monotonous after a bit, though his sense of the dramatic undoubtedly works well in a live setting. The band has the most fun when getting the chance to stretch out, as on “(I’ve Got The) Death Energy,” which seems like it’s going to be a standard two-and-a-half minute pop song, then suddenly changes course and races on for another six-and-a-half minutes, the guitars and synthesizers jousting each other for superiority.” - The Seattle Times

>> Listen to “White Hot Gold“ by Nudity