05.13.17 Peacers + Ganglians


Mt.St.Mtn. and LXIX present
May 13th, 2017 @ The Red Museum, Sacramento
All ages, 8:00PM, $7

>> Standing tall in a tangle of guitars drums, SLAPBACK, wireless hiss interference and other mixed signals (in STEREO), PEACERS' debut is a max dash through the gutted and the gutter, all of which is written home about with a gleeful cock of the skull and twinkle in eye. Jolly! The perspex of the songs and production alike is saddled and well-traveled, but fresh under the glass - unmistakably out the poison-nib(well) of Mike Donovan, whose hits with Sic Alps will live forever, like candy wrappers glittering up from the sewer. And who's producing you, Peacers? Mike D's ole SF cohort himself, Ty Segall, whose rhythm sections and arrangement-commendations re-cast most of the tunes on the rec with copacetic co-ness!  

"Peacers is the project of former Sic Alps frontman Mike Donovan, and their self-titled record was made alongside his San Francisco cohort Ty Segall. Wobbly and disjointed, Donovan's songs plot out a course toward a grimmer, grimier, and freakier world, keeping the candle lit for the city's storied '60s subculture." - Pitchfork

>> Listen to "R.J.D. (Salam)" by Peacers

>> Falling somewhere between the noise-pop of bands like Wavves and Woods and the blissed-out psychedelia of the Beach Boys, Sacramento, CA’s Ganglians features Ryan Grubbs, Kyle Hoover, Alex Sowles, and Adrian Comenzind. Grubbs met Sowles when he moved from Portland, OR to Sacramento, and met Comenzind, who introduced him to Hoover. They began trading tracks they had recorded at home, and when Grubbs was asked to play a show, Hoover, Comenzind, and Sowles became his backing band. The band’s name came from a cross of the words “gang” and “aliens,” not the term referring to an external bundle of nerves. The band spent much of 2008 recording, and their debut single, a limited-edition split 7" with Eat Skull, appeared in January 2009 on Dulc-i-Tone Records. The band’s tours and releases came quickly after that, with an appearance at that year’s South by Southwest festival that March and a self-titled EP and a full-length album, Monster Head Room, arriving within weeks of each in May on the hip lo-fi label Woodsist. Where Ganglians was abrasive and self-recorded, Monster Head Room found the band working with an engineer friend who helped them get a cleaner sound that was innocent and trippy at the same time. The band spent the summer playing shows, including a set at the Smmr Bmmr festival in Portland, and closed out the year with a 7" on Captured Tracks in October. Soon after, Ganglians signed with Lefse Records, and in 2011, they recruited Dirty Projectors’ producer Robby Moncrieff for their second studio release, Still Living.

"Sactown janglers Ganglians conceived Still Living, their nearly hour-long third LP, as something of a clearinghouse. The guitar-pop band has a slack in its step and a strong feel for melody, mixing Byrdsian folk-psych, loose-limbed 80s indie rock, and fizzy Beach Boys-derived harmonies." - Pitchfork

>> Listen to "Jungle" by Ganglians

Mark Kaiser