The Mall 12 inch

The Mall 12 inch


mtn-01 The Mall First, Before and Never Again 12"

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>> "A punishing assault of beat-heavy, art-damaged hardcore, rocked with screamed vocals, catchy Casio keyboards and angular guitars. Four exclusive tracks packaged in 2-color, 3-panel silkscreened sleeves, and pressed in an edition of 300 copies." "The Mall intersperse their bass lobbery with geographically appropriate references -- a little Residents on the vocals, some Tuxedo Moon on the keys, even a touch of the Sleepers in the guitar. Mix that with murky original stutterage and you get some pretty cool results." - Byron Coley & Thurston Moore

Artwork by Jay Howell

Limited to 300 copies, blacki vinyl, silk-screened fold-out cover