The Mantles 7 inch

The Mantles 7 inch


mtn-05 The Mantles "Don't Lie" b/w "Secret Heart" 7 inch

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>> With the deceptively determined surge of a sleepy glacier, The Mantles have been quietly and slowly perfecting their trademarked dark n' dirge pop sound over the past few years. Starting as a trio, the band recorded their Dulc-i-Tone single with the mysterious & unreliable Cram-Ro production team. The band then dug themselves out of the Cram-Ro shit-morass for a batch of sunnier sounds courtesy Papercuts' Jason Quever, two songs of which make up their forthcoming Mt. St. Mtn single. Soon after this session, the band lost a bass player but simultaneously absorbed both halves of the Cram-Ro team (including the half that sometimes gets "Personal" wink-wink), and it's this current four-piece incarnation that recorded the upcoming Siltbreeze full-length album with Gris Gris' Greg Ashley. Reviewers & showgoers alike regularly struggle without success to pin down the Mantles sound, though the Paisley Underground scene somehow seems to come up alot, and though reviewers have an affinity for the words 'New' and 'Zealand' when describing the Mantles, band members insist that Mantles songwriting mainman and Graeme Downes-lookalike Michael O. has no idea what Flying Nun is other than a goofy TV show, nor is he familiar with that "Slitbree" label people keep talking about.

Limited to 300 copies, black vinyl, one-color silk-screen cover