The Readymades LP

The Readymades LP


mtn-09 The Readymades I'm A Man, I'm A Flower LP

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>> 13 tracks of blown-out, lo-fi garage punk blast that walks a tight-rope between intentional organized chaos and a car careening off a bridge. Recorded over a decade ago in the legendary Loft space by Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors, Karate Party), this record got shelved as the band imploded and members went on to more stable projects - Rich Haley forming the Duchess Of Saigon (S-S Records) and Charles Albright forming and unforming a million projects since then, including his highly regarded recent solo output (S-S Records, Permanent Records). Greg Ginn joins the early Kinks and borrows Henry's Dress' equipment to do covers off the first Redd Kross record. Howling cave-stomp punk with film of chattering white noise and the best of the Woodhouse treatment. Get yourself a hat and hold on to it.

Limited to 100 copies, black vinyl, silk-screened & hand-stamped inner sleeve and insert