Jay Howell

Jay Howell


Jay Howell Wicked Wendy, Wild Wolf and Other Fun Drawings

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>> "I have been wanting to put out a new zine for a few months. Wicked Wendy Wild Wolf and Other Fun Drawings are a bunch of drawings i've been doing when I get home from work. I wanted it to look like tattoo flash mixed with some comics about Wendy and Wild Wolf. Making zines is fun." - Jay Howell

Jay Howell is an all around kind dude that lives in Los Angeles with a dog named Street Dog. When he's not illustrating for Vans or drawing skateboards he can be seen on the streets fuckin' around and sayin' classic shit. Jay designed the main characters for Fox's hit show, Bob's Burgers. He is currently working as an Executive Producer, Co-Creator and Art Director on Sanjay and Craig an animated children's show for Nickelodeon.

4.5 x 6" book, perfect bound, limited to 1000 copies